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Bologna with Student Eyes 2015

The European Students’ Union is glad to announce the launch of the 2015 Edition of Bologna with Student Eyes. The aim of the publication is to highlight the current status, successes and future challenges that students see in the implementation of reforms and the Process as a whole from the students’ point of view, as the main stakeholder in higher education, thus complementing the views presented in the EHEA implementation reports and reports by other stakeholders.

The data for this edition was collected by surveying ESU’s national unions of students on the following areas: student participation in governance, social dimension, quality assurance, recognition, mobility and internationalisation, structural reforms and financing of higher education. The questionnaire also included general questions about the Bologna Process and its future. In total, over 39 national unions of students from 35 countries responded the questionnaire, from Norway to Malta and Ireland to Armenia.

For more information, please consult Bologna with Student Eyes 2015 website.

Download the Executive Summary of BWSE in Polish and Spanish.

To download the publication, please click on the image below:


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