What are ESU Pools?

The European Students’ Union provides different kind of “Pools”. They are comprised of students and/or former (student) activists who are experts in their respective field. Their services are available upon request through the respective Pool Steering Committee and can be enjoyed by all interested stakeholders – from student unions to quality assurance agencies to organisers of workshops etc.

Pool of Trainers

The European Students’ Union (ESU) acknowledges how important it is to facilitate the transfer and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices amongst our members and external stakeholders. A pool of experienced trainers will upon request provide training events as well as deliver consultancy services and provide a wide range of advice based on their experience. Kindly note that the members of this Pool differ from that of the Students’ Expert Pool for Quality Assurance, and the members of this Pool have more generic expertise regarding the student movement and involvement at large.

For more go to: Pool of Trainers

QA Experts Pool

Through its Quality Assurance Student Expert Pool ESU provides the services of committed and well-prepared students who aim to improve higher education provision in Europe through quality assurance procedures. The establishment of this pool is how ESU promotes and develops student participation in quality assurance all over Europe. The pool is renewed once a year and has an independent Steering Committee, which launches the calls and selects the applicants based on public criteria.

For more go to: Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool

Conference of the Alliances

During the BM84, held by GSOA in Tbilisi, May 2023, the European Students’ Union (ESU) established a place where the students’ representatives from all the European alliances of HEIs would be able to share their experiences, struggles and best practices to always better defend students rights. This place is the ‘Conference of the student bodies of the European alliances of higher education institutions’.

Better known as the ‘Conference’, it is a way for ESU to go further on student representation at European level with the complementary view of the student representatives from the student bodies of these types of alliances.

In addition to the role of exchanges and meetings the Conference provides, it is also a consultative body to improve ESU’s stances on the topic of the alliances. With the view of the student representatives of the alliances and our member NUSes we ensure a complete representation of students!

The principle is simple: all the student bodies from an alliance of HEI that are recognised formally can be members of the Conference. We meet at least two times a year, online, before each Board meeting and once a year, in person, to get to know each other better. These meetings will be moments of debates and sharing.

For more go to: Conference of the Alliances


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