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This page provides information about ESU’s Quality Assurance Students Experts Pool, its activities as well as a collection of resources and training materials that enable members of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA) to carry out their duties, student representatives to participate in tasks relating to higher education quality, and students to improve their learning experiences.

In 2009, the European Students’ Union (ESU) established a pool of committed and well-prepared students who aim to improve higher education provision in Europe through quality assurance procedures.

The establishment of this pool is how ESU promotes and develops student participation in quality assurance all over Europe. The pool is renewed once a year and has an independent Steering Committee, which launches the calls and selects the applicants based on public criteria.

ESU organises study sessions, workshops and other events for pool members where they are trained.

The pool brings together students from all parts of Europe, their experience and knowledge, and an excellent forum for debating, sharing views and learning about quality assurance.

These students contribute to the ESU policymaking process, act as multipliers agents in their respective countries, collaborate in several projects, participate in Quality Assurance reviews, etc.

ESU’s Student Experts’ Pool on Quality Assurance is supported by a group of dedicated students –  the Steering Committee – which is responsible for launching calls for new members and overseeing the pool’s work.

The group consists of five individuals, out of which two are members of ESU’s Executive Committee. The other three are being selected annually from the pool members, with an internal call being issued by the end of January/beginning of February.

Please, contact the pool via

QA Pool Steering Committee:

Horia Onița

Vice President

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Ana Gvritishvili

Executive Committee Member

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Portrait of Adrian Korzeniowski

Adrian Korzeniowski

Steering Committee Member

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Pegi Pavletić

Steering Committee Member

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Portrait of Matej Drobnič

Matej Drobnič

Steering Committee Member

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