The capacities of our National Union of Students (NUS) members differ greatly. The European Students’ Union (ESU) acknowledges how important it is to facilitate the transfer and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices amongst our NUS members and external stakeholders.

ESU believes in the importance of student activists’ voices. Therefore we encourage all stakeholders to view our Trainers’ Pool as an Expertise Pool composed of individuals with diversified interests and experiences.

Besides providing training events, the trainers will also be able to deliver consultancy services and provide a wide range of advice based on their experience. Kindly note that the members of this Pool differ from that of the Students’ Expert Pool for Quality Assurance, and the members of this Pool have more generic expertise regarding the student movement and involvement at large.

We have aimed to recruit individuals to the Trainers’ Pool with proven experience in the students’ movement as a whole. Each profile specifies the individual trainer’s experiences and areas of expertise. ESU recognises the need for capacity building, and as such, the services of members of the Trainers Pool will be offered free of charge to ESU’s member unions. However, we do ask that the cost of travel and accommodation be covered by the NUS. In case of external stakeholders request the expertise of ESU’s Trainers’ Pool, a charge will be formulated based on the number of hours or days for which the Trainer will be required.

How to use it?

In the section Meet the Trainers‘ (under construction), you can find the list of individuals who make up ESU’s trainers’ pool. Please look at the trainers’ profiles to see whether you have any preferences based on the experience and expertise of the individual.  In case of doubt or in case of no preference between members of our Trainers’ pool, please get in touch with ESU, and we will take care of the matching up between your NUS/ Organisation and the trainer.  

It is essential to note that ESU expects all NUS / Organisations requesting our Trainers’ Pool members to treat each expert with the utmost respect, and any mistreatment or discrimination will be taken very seriously. 

To make your request or if you have any further questions or requests regarding the Pool of Trainers, contact secretariat[at]

To make sure that the members of the pool will be able to help, please kindly inform ESU at least 20 days in advance of the event. 


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