Plan of work 2019

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This Plan of Work has been created based on the strategic priorities adopted to years 2018-2020. The duration of this plan of work will be from January 2019 until July 2019 as specified by Internal Motion 7 of BM 73.

As a result, the Executive Committee along with three selected coordinators has decided to propose the existing Plan of Work to remain active until the adoption of a new Plan of Work during the Board Meeting 76. This is due to two reasons:

  • First and foremost, the Executive Committee and coordinators see fulfilling the existing plan of work as a priority, and do not wish to cut ongoing work short by proposing a new plan of work, which would only be in effect for half a year.
  • Secondly, the Executive Committee and coordinators have decided to focus on fulfilling existing tasks rather than setting new goals. In 2019, ESU will continue to concentrate on executing advocacy with a clear strategy and goals further explained in this document and policy documents.

Download the full Plan of Work 2019 here.

For previous ESU Plans of Work see:


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