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ESC29 to discuss social dimension of higher education

RIGA – The Student Union of Latvia (LSA) will host the 29th European Students’ Convention from 20 to 23 March 2015 in Riga. This time the overarching subject of the conference is “The future of the Social Dimension of Higher Education in Europe from a student perspective”.

The four conference days will focus on the social dimension of higher education, inclusion and access, and cover content from several social dimension projects that the European Students’ Union (ESU) was involved in or ran; such as PL4SD, Ideas, Esprit, Eurostudent and PASCL. Please find more information on the projects here:

Today, there still remains confusion about the social dimension as a concept although it was clearly outlined through the Bologna process in the London Communiqué from 2007, which stated:  “…that the student body entering, participating in and completing higher education at all levels should reflect the diversity of our populations…” It is also an area that is often accused of lacking concrete outcomes. That leads to loose measures used to improve access to higher education as well as meaningful participation and completion.

The situation today, where young people from strong socio-economic backgrounds are over-represented in higher education, is unsustainable and damaging to Europe the long run. This area requires noticeable changes. The convention will provide a platform for student representatives to discuss inclusion and access to higher education for various underrepresented groups, to debate with relevant stakeholders and develop strategies to advocate the social dimension.

Registrations for external experts, partners and guests are open until 10 March by following the site:

For outstanding questions please contact the organizing team via

This project has been funded with support from the European Youth Foundation.
This event is held under the patronage of the European Parliament.



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