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Youth Survey on COVID-19: Youth, Information & Present Knowledge, Attitude and Practices

Our generation has never seen the likes of the COVID-19 pandemic during our lifetime. There has been a vast array of information available pertaining to COVID-19 and youth have referred to different sources of media for information and guidance. There is also varying attitude among youth about COVID-19 currently and we would love to hear your input on both of these important matters.

As a collaboration between Global Shapers, the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), Health and Information Literacy Access Alliance (HILA Alliance – GAPMIL/UNESCO) and the #MoreViralThanTheVirus movement, this short survey has been created to gather input from youth around the world on:
a) COVID-19 sources of information and guidance
b) Current attitudes about the pandemic

The results of this survey will be shared in the form of a youth report with the World Health Organization and UNESCO.

Take the survey on this link by 29th of July.


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