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Student activism a “preview of life as an active citizen”

“The student life is a unique opportunity to build a personality as an active citizen”, says Ligia Deca, Chairperson of ESU. This week, Deca spoke at a Minneapolis conference about education for personal and social responsbility.

The conference was organised by the Association for American Colleges and Universities. Deca co-chaired the workshop “Holding the World Responsible: The Global Impact of Student Advocacy and Activism”. Speaking about ESU’s work on policy development, political influence and student union capacity building, Deca highlighted ESU’s Students Rights Charter, which is derived from the human rights.
“Any individual has a previous personality created by the family and circle of friends, but the university is the place where you can explore and question pre-set values and ideologies and really become an individual. And so, student activism is important, as it is a preview of life as an active and ethically aware citizen later on”, she says.


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