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SRVS: Slovak Teachers on Strike

Education is fundamental to development and growth and shapes the future generations. Despite so many reasons why education is incredibly important, it has not been prioritized yet, at least not by the Slovak government. Elementary and high school teachers have said a resolute “NO” and decided to start a fight for better education in Slovakia. Even though their requests have not been responded to, their courage to begin an active strike made an impact. By organizing a variety of activities like Babysitting Day, the teachers pointed out that they are often being misperceived as babysitters. Additionally, they drew attention to the importance of education in general, the teaching profession as such and the need for reforms in order to improve the quality of education in Slovakia. 

Recently, higher education teachers joined the struggle. They felt the moral responsibility to support their exhausted colleagues and to keep the fight going. The strike, the act of active civil disobedience, by means of debates, workshops or concerts provides an opportunity for students and teachers to come together and discuss the problems of education.

SRVS, the official representation of students, supports each and every act and activity which encourages the strike and necessary reforms leading to higher quality of education for all students. As WE are the future of this country, it is up to US to change the system in our country. Moreover, SRVS cooperated with teachers’ trade unions and other organizations on elaborating a set of demands. Together we hope that these demands will be incorporated into next government’s policy statement since the elections will take place in two weeks’ time. Finally, we have achieved that our voices got united; however, we will have to fight much more until they are heard.


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