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Skip the Cappuccino. #InvestInYouth

It is time to bring all young voices from Europe together to speak as one to #InvestInYouth.

Today, the Leaders of the EU Member States will meet in Brussels to discuss the proposal for the next EU budget. Right now, the proposed budget for Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund Plus+ falls far short of what we need.

Where is the ambition that matches what we were promised? 

We must not leave young people in Europe behind. The European Youth Forum urges the EU Member States to invest an extra €3 per month per young person living in the EU over the next 7 years, in addition to what is already on the table. That would allow to triple the Erasmus+ Programme and increase the funding for Youth Guarantee as part of larger Youth Employment funding under the European Social Fund Plus.

We often tell young people they should skip their cappuccinos to overcome their financial difficulties but if the EU invested just half of the price of a burger or one cappuccino per young person every month, we could have a tremendous impact for youth in Europe.

How to help? 

  • Follow #EUCO #EUBudget #MFF on social media. Let’s show them that young people care about the future of the EU.
  • Tag your leaders and heads of state! Find their social media accounts here.
  • Share @Youth_Forum during the day.

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