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Students from Romania protest against weakening the judiciary powers and anti-corruption resources

The National Alliance of Student Organisations from Romania (ANOSR) has repeatedly warned about the danger of the legislative changes to the criminal law, which were proposed or sanctioned by the parliament majority. These changes are endangering the independence of the judiciary and eliminate provisions pursuant to which corruption is fought against in Romania.

Students are determined to strive for a fair and equitable judiciary system and they joined the civic movements in the street, all demanding the abandonment of the steps taken by Parliament regarding the Laws of Justice, the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Meeting at Timisoara and ANOSR Campaign

During the Extraordinary General Assembly of ANOSR on 4-7 January, leaders of the student organisations from all over the country gathered in Timisoara, the city where the ’89 Revolution against the communists started. There, students protested and voiced their concerns and demands.

Prior to the protests, ANOSR had started a campaign to show students how they will be affected by the changes to the Judiciary System if the laws enter into force. With regard to the higher education system, various potentially unfavourable situations have been presented, situations that could arise if the laws are applied. Leaders of national unions of students from Eastern European countries have expressed their support and solidarity with students in Romania.

European debate on Romanian Judiciary System

The European Parliament will debate the situation of Romanian Judiciary System at the next plenary session in February in Strasbourg. The decision was taken in the European Parliament at the Conference of Presidents, composed of the leaders of the political groups and the President of Parliament. Students are closely following the status of the laws and amendments and announced their presence in the civic movements on the streets that continue to take place in major cities across the country.


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