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SK RVŠ: Supporting Medical Students Initiative Against the Adjustment of Conditions in the Area of Residency Positions

At the beginning of April, based on a proposal of Masaryk University representatives, SK RVŠ leadership adopted a position concerning planned amendments of conditions for acquisition and recognition of professional competence and the conditions of the pursuit of post-graduate medical specialisation

This initiative was formulated by three associations of young doctors, first launched as a reaction to the aforementioned proposal currently undergoing approval procedures within the government. At a later stage Student chambers of Academic Senates of Medical Faculties across the Czech Republic have also voiced their support of this initiative. 

Residency positions are job positions for medical graduates, co-financed by the Ministry of Health. The new proposal aims to establish so-called “stabilisation contracts” as a part of the residency placement. The signing of such a contract would effectively prevent the graduate from changing their job position without a sanction in the form of a draconian contractual fine.

The proposed measure will force an increasing number of medical graduates to consider moving abroad instead of seeking employment in the Czech healthcare system. This could potentially have an impact on the access to healthcare in the country, especially in the smaller district hospitals, that are already facing problems with a lack of doctors.  

Instead of forcing the new graduates to stay in the country by force, we encourage the government and healthcare providers to motivate young doctors in a positive way. Not only through salaries, but also by securing fair working conditions and supporting the development of new skills and further education

This matter will be further discussed with the representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. SK RVŠ hopes that this proposal will be reconsidered.

Natália Antalová, Damir Solak


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