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TMF Projects Portfolio: ACCESS

The “TMF Projects Portfolio: ACCESS” focuses on initiatives supporting access to higher education for young people with refugee backgrounds.

Table of contents:

  1. Raise Women Awareness Network – RWAN project
  2. Linguapolis – Taalmaat project
  3. National Union of Students in Flanders – Mobilisation of Flemish students for refugees project
  4. National Union of Students in Denmark & Foreningen Studenterhuset – Student Refugees projects
  5. Union of Exiled Students – Together you are never alone project
  6. Universités et Réfugiés – Academic support and orientation for refugees project
  7. Shams and Freir Zusammenschluss von Student*Innenschaften – SHAMS project
  8. National Union for Icelandic Students – Student Refugees Iceland project
  9. Students’ Alliance of Moldova – People Behind the Headlines project
  10. Polish Hospitality Foundation – Student Refugee Kids project
  11. Students from Asociación Proyecto Roma – Students on the move for migrants and refugees project
  12. Student Action for Refugees & National Union of Students UK – Student Action for Refugees project


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