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Bologna with Students Eyes 2020

Bologna with Student Eyes is a reality-check of what has been agreed upon by national governments within the Bologna Process and what the actual situation is for students. The data for this edition was collected by surveying the European Students’ Union’s national unions of students in the following areas: student participation in governance, the social dimension, quality assurance, recognition, mobility and internationalisation, structural reforms, student-centred learning and financing of higher education. The questionnaire also included general questions about the Bologna Process and its future. In total, between 37 to 40 NUSes from 40 EHEA countries responded to the questionnaire, from Norway to Malta and Iceland to Armenia.

The European Students’ Union(ESU) promotes students’ interests at the European level towards all relevant bodies and in particular the European Union, Bologna Follow-up Group, Council of Europe and UNESCO. Through its members, ESU represents almost 20 million students in Europe.


To download the publication: it’s here: BWSE2020-Publication_WEB2


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