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Report: Survey on Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Academic Integrity from a Student Perspective

Academic freedom is the most important pillar that underpins and enables a democratic and free higher education sector. Given that the academic and political debate on the concept of academic freedom tends to be one-sided and confined to the needs and experiences of academic staff and researchers, as well as in face of the ongoing attacks on the academic community in Europe, the European Students’ Union inquired how European students perceive the current situation around academic freedom, institutional autonomy and academic integrity in their national/regional contexts, and how academic freedom is perceived by students and their representative bodies. This report summarises the results of the survey on academic freedom, institutional autonomy and academic integrity conducted by ESU and financially supported by the Open Society Foundation. We hope that this report on student perceptions will enrich current debates as it is a first starting point to explore and address student perspectives on and the need for (student) academic freedom.

You can read and download the full publication here.

This report was developed in the framework of the “Academic Freedom – Time to Act!” project, supported by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Education Program of the Open Society Foundations. The project aims to deepen the knowledge on defending, monitoring and promoting Academic Freedom in Higher Education in Europe.


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