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SK RVŠ enters new mandate with new leadership and priorities

On the 1st of January, the Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs (SK RVŠ), as a representation of Czech university students, entered the new three-year mandate. The first opening session’s main goal was the election of the Presidency. Michal Farník from the Czech Technical University in Prague was elected as a chairman with two vice-chairmen: Martin Horváth from the Brno University of Technology and Damir Solak from Masaryk University Brno.

One of the first goals of the Presidency of the Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs was providing the access extension to digitalised fonds of libraries for university students. This appeal was, in the end, successful, and the extension will last till the end of June 2021. In response to the effects of the restriction of teaching and its repercussion on university students, we prepared an appealing letter to the Minister of Education of the Czech Republic with the demand that the government should pay the same amount of attention to university education as it does to the primary and secondary schools. In our opinion, it is necessary to prepare a plan for the return of students to universities, especially in fields that require laboratory, practical and artistic education. This return must be done without possible threat to participants’ health and breaking safety protocols. To guarantee health safety, we consider a milestone the vaccination of members of the academic community.

In the procedure of the development of the pandemic situation, we also appealed to the Prime Minister of Health of the Czech Republic to reconsider nowadays mandatory working duty of medical students into to the volunteering participation-based one, this request is established on the right to education.

The new Programme Declaration of SK RVŠ was approved; this key document will determine the direction and significant priorities for the next three years. For example, the international section’s primary goal is to focus on international mobility, active participation of students in European Universities, and active participation in the European Studentsˈ Union (ESU). The Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs plans to cooperate with other partners on a national level, such as the Czech Association of PhDs. Students or Erasmus Student Network.


D. Hodulíková, L. Říhová, D. Solak



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