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ESU condemns arrest of Zimbabwean student leader

The European Students’ Union (ESU) is concerned about the constant pressure and abuses that ZINASU student representatives are experiencing, culminating with the arrest of Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) President, Clever Bere, and 13 other student activists.

“ESU strongly condemns the current policy of intimidation and its related practices of the authorities in Zimbabwe, as well as their further continuation”, says ESU chairperson Ligia Deca.

ZINASU has been actively defending students’ rights and bringing the voice of Zimbabwean students to their colleagues in Europe and US. However, due to an obvious lack respect for free speech and student rights from the authorities in Zimbabwe, all the efforts made by student leaders were hideously taken as the reasons for their maltreatment.

“ESU demands that these inhumane actions are immediately stopped, by clearing Mr. Clever Bere and his colleagues from any charges.  We truly hope this could lead to the beginning of peaceful and constructive negotiations between student representatives and authorities in Zimbabwe, as further building of knowledge-based societies should be firmly based on democratic students’ participation in social, cultural and economical life”, says Deca.

Read ESU’s full support letter here.


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