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Recordings and presentations from the 2020 European Quality Assurance Forum

The 2020 EQAF online event, entitled “Flexible higher education: implications for QA”, combined online sessions about European policies and trends, research, and practical case examples related to the Forum theme and more generally about current developments in quality assurance.

Check the following resources from the event:

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Introduction to the European quality assurance framework

Tia Loukkola, Director, Institutional Development, EUA
Maria Kelo, Director, ENQA

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Opening Session I: Flexible higher education is here

PPTWhat is flexible higher education? Reflections from a national case-study on flexible learning pathways
Leasa Weimer, Researcher, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

PPTSupporting flexible learning pathways in higher education through national qualification frameworks and QA – findings from a UNESCO international survey
Michaela Martin, Programme specialist, IIEP-UNESCO

PPTPurposefully different approaches to flexible learning at scale: a Dublin City University case study
Conchúr Mac Lochlainn, Research Officer/PhD candidate, Dublin City University, Ireland

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Session II: Internal quality assurance in emergency situations

PPTAdaptations to internal quality assurance in Irish higher education institutions in response to Covid-19
Mairéad Boland, Senior Quality Officer, Quality and Qualifications Ireland

PPTExceptional times: main challenges to higher education internal quality assurance systems
Rodrigo Teixeira Lourenço, Pro-President for Quality Management and Assurance and Promotion of Academic Success, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal

PPTUnintended consequences – an exploration of how conducting internal quality reviews online has actually increased student engagement
Stef Black, Senior Development Consultant, sparqs – Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland, United Kingdom

PPTQuality assessment of distance teaching and learning at the University of Geneva
Ahidoba de Franchi Mandscheff, Head of Quality, University of Geneva, Switzerland

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Session III:  External quality assurance in emergency situations

PPTQuality assurance in times of emergency remote teaching
Esther Huertas, Head of Quality Assurance Department, AQU Catalunya, Spain

PPTMaintaining the efficacy of external QA in a virtual world
Marie Gould, Head of Tertiary Education Monitoring and Review, Quality and Qualifications Ireland

PPTExtending the role of QA agencies in response to pandemic challenges
Nataliia Stukalo, Vice Head, National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance, Ukraine

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Session IV: Micro-credentials paving the way to flexible higher education

PPTState of play: micro-credentials in Europe
Elena Cirlan, Policy & Project Officer, Institutional Development, EUA

PPTRecognition, credentialisation and instructional design principles: How can we co-create academic QA standards in open and smart learning environments?
Florian Rampelt, Project Lead (AI Campus), Stifterverband, Germany

PPTInternal Quality Assurance to support high quality micro-credentials. Why do we not have enough contact tracers?
Anthony F. Camilleri, Tertiary education policy consultant, Knowledge Innovation Centre

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Session V: Student engagement contributing to the development of quality culture

PPTQuality assurance supporting the delivery of social competences – towards a quality culture. Based on the results of the DASCHE project
Jakub Brdulak, Rector’s Proxy for Quality of Educationr, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

PPTQuality assurance and virtual programmes. How to reach quality assurance without hampering student engagement?
Agnieszka Pechcińska, Vice-President of the Students’ Union, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

PPTDiversity of student reviewers: Characteristics, experiences, and implications for quality assurance
Liv Teresa Muth, Student reviewer, German QA Student Experts’ Pool

f3a56378d46b3ee8f1145b4a6d8d3f11Closing Session VI: Quality assurance shaping change

Antony McClaran, Vice-Chancellor of St Mary’s University, United Kingdom

Oliver Vettori, Dean, Accreditations and Quality Management/Director Program Management & Teaching and Learning Affairs, WU Vienna, Austria


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