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37th European Student Convention in Timisoara (ESC37)

During our 37th European Student Convention in Timisoara (ESC37), taking place between 14-17 March 2019,  student representatives from all across Europe gathered to reflect on the role of students in shaping future higher education policies at both national and international levels, especially in the context of the forthcoming 20th anniversary of the Bologna Process. The event was organised by the Romanian Student Union (ANOSR) and the European Students’ Union (ESU).

The topic chosen for this ESC summed up pretty well the above lines: “Shaping the future through policies”.

“As we approach the end of another decade, many policy-makers are trying to finalise things and close another chapter of their work and therefore it is crucial for ESU to discuss what has been achieved and more importantly, what still needs to be done and in which direction we should be steering the future” said the members of the presidency of  ESU.

During the 4-day event, delegates discussed the recent and future developments of higher education: internationalisation and mobility, European Universities alliances, the future of the Bologna Process, the upcoming EP elections, Erasmus + projects having as a study case ‘European Students Sustainability Auditing’ (ESSA) Project and other questions fundamental for the Students’ Movement.  

Seizing the opportunity of being together for the 37th European Students’ Convention, on the 15th March, ESU members from all across Europe expressed their support to the global Climate strike and supported ANOSR on their demands for better infrastructures in Romania by joining their ‘silent protest’.


The European Students’ Convention (ESC) is a biannual event organised by ESU where students’ representatives from the national unions of students from 39 different European countries, other stakeholders, experts and policy-makers have the opportunity to meet and discuss higher education.

The National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania (ANOSR) is the national union of students, a non-governmental and non-partisan entity which, since 2000, is officially representing the common interests of students in Romania, defending and promoting their rights and obligations and stimulating their participation in the educational, social, economic and cultural life.


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