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Building Capacity in University Management (BUCUM)

General info: This project is a follow on from the Leadership in Higher Education Management TEMPUS Project. BUCUM is funded by TEMPUS Programme as well. It started in October 2012 and will last 36 months.

Objectives:  BUCUM involves ten universities in Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon and aims to satisfy the regional priority of University Management and Student Services. The wider objective of the project is to demonstrate that good management practices can build sustainable Higher Education cooperation between nations.

Expected results: BUCUM aims to mutually harmonise Higher Education systems across Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Libya; develop good management practices; build sustainable HE cooperation between nations and address the challenges of a global university in the 21st Century.

Lead Partner: Cardiff Metropolitan University(UK)
• Salamanca University (Spain)
• Ionian University (Greece)
• La Sapienza University (Italy)
• Magna Charta Observatory (Italy)
• European Student Union (BE)
• Osel Consultancy (Italy)
• Shoofly publishing (UK)
• Leadership foundation(UK )
MENA Partners:
• Arab Academy for Science and Technology
• Alexandria University
• Suez Canal University
• Superior Institute for Science and Technology
• Cadi Ayyad University
• Lebanese University
• Modern University of Business and Science
• Misurata University
• Al Zawia University
• MOHE Libya
• MOHE Egypt
• MOHE Lebanon
• MOHE Morocco



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