Natalia Greniewska



Natalia Wiktoria Greniewska from Poland holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, with specialisations in Mongolian and Tibetan Studies. She is currently pursuing her PhD in literary studies at the same institution. Additionally, Natalia is enrolled as a master’s student in economics, focusing on social and institutional economics at the Warsaw School of Economics.
Throughout her whole academic journey, Natalia has actively participated in various students’ and PhD students’ union activities at the university, national, and international levels. Since the beginning of her studies, Natalia has also been engaged in higher education quality assurance initiatives, dealing with internal quality assurance of education as well as serving as a panel member for both institutional and programme reviews on an international scale. She’s been a member of the ESU’s QA Pool since 2021, solidifying her commitment to quality assurance in higher education.
Natalia’s academic interests in higher education encompass quality assurance, equality issues, learning and teaching policies, joint programmes, competency recognition, and the social dimension of higher education.


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