BM84: Resolution on ESU’s support towards European integration of Georgia

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In a desire to integrate into the European community, Georgia has been engaged in the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership. In higher education, this desire translated into reforms through the implementation of European Higher Education Area commitments. 

With GSOA’s contribution, national strategies are in place that create for young people a supportive environment for their development as independent individuals and full-fledged members of society. Action plan with the following sectoral priorities were approved based on international experience: strengthening of the factors contributing to the development of young people and the manifestation of their potential, creation of favourable conditions for healthcare and well-being of students, promotion of socio-economic empowerment of youth, creation of appropriate conditions for the full participation of young people in public life and democratic processes. 

Students have been a driving force for progress in the area, but also for democracy and European values. In this regard, ESU supports GSOA in their objective of increasing student participation in higher education and youth participation in society and calls for greater integration of Georgia into European youth programmes. ESU also supports students’ advocacy and reforms for preserving the rule of law, reinforcing democratic principles, and upholding universally recognized fundamental human rights. 

With 20% of its territory having been illegally occupied by the Russian Federation since 2008 after a brutal intervention, which ESU forcefully condemns, Georgia has had to overcome difficult barriers in its pursuit for freedom, peace, and democracy. 

The European Students’ Union supports GSOA’s advocacy and Georgia’s endeavour to better integrate into the European community and to become a candidate member of the European Union. ESU calls on the EU and its member states to offer support on Georgia’s path towards achieving reforms and pursuing EU membership, including support for aligning its educational, social, and economic policies with European standards. As a confirmation for the aspirations towards European integration, the candidate membership status for Georgia would further stimulate development, stability, and regional integration and fortify democratic institutions. 

Adopted at ESU’s 84th Board meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Proposed by GSOA, Georgia. 


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