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The Spanish Government Have Initiated a Reduction in the Public Universities Taxes

From CREUP we are glad to share with the rest of the European Union’s one important achievement accomplished in our university system: The initiation of the reduction in the university fees. 

CREUP has been an important active since the very beginning complaining about the higher taxes that have the Spanish systems in the public university. CREUP have been requesting this reduction since the radical change in 2011. 

This May, The Council of Ministers of Spain has initiated finally the reform of university fees, repealing the system of forks for the prices of public registrations introduced in 2012, with the first objective of reducing the price of the first-degree enrolment. 

Since 2012 the public prices for universities had increased above 17%. reaching limits never seen before history. The implementation of this measure of increasing the price of the university seriously affected the access of all the students, but mainly those who were in more vulnerable economic situations to access the university 

The statement of the Spanish Government insists that the fork system has had a significant impact on the price structure, increasing them and increasing the disparity between the Spanish Communities, so that the Executive will try to place rates, progressively, at levels prior to 2011 to benefit to the student body. The final prices of the new implementation will be done for the course 2021/22. 

In conclusion, we see that as progress and a victory in the Spanish public university system and an important approach for all the students. With this new measure, we are ensuring the access the university to more people and especially the more vulnerable, creating at the same time a more diverse university community. 


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