BM86: Student democracy in danger 

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Since the emergence of Alliances in 2019, student democracy has crossed a new level of representativeness through their student councils. However, despite the initial aim of bringing students together around a council that would be representative of the whole Alliance, there is currently a lack of a clear framework for these councils, which is particularly detrimental to the student voice. 

The student movement is based on this structure of representation, with its student councils, student parliaments and local unions. It is a solid and structuring landscape for the student democracy we are all defending today. 

However, student representation at European level within the alliances seems to be diverted from its original purpose. Instead of promoting the student voice, we see appointments made by the administrations of the institutions rather than elections. This deterioration in European student representation could have a significant impact on student representation within Member States and is already having an impact on the strength of student representation in the Alliances. Indeed, student councils, which are mainly the result of non-democratic processes, tend to be consultative or limited in scope. On the other hand, student councils made up of a majority of democratically elected students are much more proactive. It is crucial to put the student voice at the center of our actions in relation to the alliances, the voice that unites us all and is essential for building the future of the alliances. 

If ESU is recognised today, it is partly thanks to its model, which aims to guarantee democracy and student representation. No structure can claim to be representative if it does not respect the fundamental principles of democracy. Democracy is one of the fundamental values of the European Union, but we are forced to note that in France this fundamental value is being fouted within the Alliances. A number of universities have chosen the path of “representation”, which is designated, 

undemocratic and therefore unrepresentative. This kind of action shows no respect for the European project of the Alliances nor respect for the European Union. This nonsense has to stop now. 

No structure that claims to represent European students can turn a blind eye to the democratic shortcomings of the Alliances.


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