BM73: ESU stands with ÖH against fascism and discrimination

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BM73: ESU stands with ÖH against fascism and discrimination

On 26 January, the famous “Akademikerball” (Academic Ball) organized by the extreme right-wing “FPÖ” (Freedom party) is taking place in Vienna. The Ball is a meeting event for far-right-wing fraternities and right-wing populist movements from all over Europe standing for sexism, homophobia, racism and anti-semitism. They allow only male students to become members, some of them even demand an Aryan Certificate, they have strong connections with the Identitarian movement.

For many years, they have been meeting in the Viennese Hofburg, which also houses the office of the Austrian president and is therefore a very representative building to network and form alliances at the Akademikerball.

Naming this openly discriminatory event “Akademikerball” suggests an elitist and exclusive image of Higher Education which ESU and ÖH as students’ representations cannot accept. In times of raising populism, it is even more important to stand up for democracy, against discrimination and fascist tendencies.

ESU stands in solidarity with ÖH for an open and democratic society and supports students’ protests against fascist tendencies and events.


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