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Call for Trainers for LEVEL UP TO EUR-UP! (Budapest, March 2020)


ESU is looking for 4 trainers to help us deliver a Study Session on 2-7 March 2020 in Budapest, Hungary.  These positions are voluntary (unpaid), but all travel, food, supplies and other costs are fully covered by the Council of Europe.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience as a trainer and build your CV, so apply now! We look forward to you being on our amazing team!

What is “LEVEL UP TO EUR-UP” about? 

ESU will host a Study Session which begins to explore novel approaches to address this issue.  We envision this Study Session as a means to empower students and young people who have never attended an event at the European level before to feel confident engaging and participating in European political processes in the future. 

MAIN AIM:  Empower young people who have never engaged in European political processes due to language barriers or socio-economic disadvantage [1] to gain confidence in European democratic institutions and to participate in their first European-level event in order to serve as a multiplier to encourage their peers to do the same in the future.

???? What are we looking for?

ESU is looking for 4 trainers:  3 Junior Trainers & 1 Senior Trainer

  • 3 Junior Trainers 
  • 1 Senior Trainer  

These 4 trainers will work together with ESU’s Human Rights Coordinator, ESU’s Project Manager and 1 external Educational Advisor appointed by the Council of Europe.  This group of 7 persons will together be responsible for the design, implementation, logistics and evaluation of the Study Session. 

Profile of Trainers

Junior trainers will be expected to: 

  • Have served as a non-formal trainer on at least one previous international team before to prepare an event on the European or international-level & willing to develop and facilitate at least one 90-minute session in simple English.
  • Able to calmly and confidently chair a small group of participants at daily small-group meetings during the event to review English language concepts that participants are trying to understand (Perfect English is not essential, having first-hand experience learning English and remembering what it was like when you had less confidence speaking is more important).
  • Have experience working with groups when most communication must be over Skype or similar online communication tool.
  • Be experienced with intercultural and socio-economically diverse groups and sensitive to the inclusion of participants who may feel under-confident.
  • Have a basic understanding and a willingness to learn more about the ENTER! Recommendations of the Council of Europe and ready to read several background documents on the subject of the Study Session.
  • Able to work independently without significant oversight and deliver results on-time.
  • Be comfortable with problem-solving quickly and calmly when things do not go to plan, especially when around the participants.
  • Contribute a written or photographic element to the final Study Session report describing the work you prepared and delivered.

In the recruitment of Junior Trainers. priority will be given to applicants who can serve as Role Models for the target group of participants (as defined above).

Senior Trainer will be expected to:

  • Have a deep knowledge and practical experience executing the ENTER! Recommendations with groups of young people.
  • Have 3 years of experience working with young people from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds. 
  • Have 3 years of experience delivering European-level or international events to diverse groups of young people.
  • Have experience leading international teams of trainers to deliver youth events by using online project management & communication tools. 
  • Competent to provide coherent oversight of a training team to ensure all tasks are delivered on time, of good quality and able to lead the development of a positive trusting team spirit among the team of trainers
  • A native speaker of English or a C2 level of English who is able to confidently and sensitively learn English-language learning pedagogy methodologies which will be used as a key element of this Study Session.
  • Clear record of facilitating space for both junior trainers and participants to learn from the experience of being a trainer or a participant.
  • Familiarity with Council of Europe publications about youth participation and non-formal education.
  • Experience evaluating and reporting on Council of Europe activities & coordinate the production and delivery of the final Study Session Report.

All 4 positions are voluntary with no remuneration.  All costs for travel, board and lodging during the event and any in-person meetings of the team will be covered by the Council of Europe.  

???? Dates & Requirements

Selected trainers are expected to fully attend:

  • An in-person preparatory meeting of the Study Session, which will take place sometime at the latest 8 weeks in advance of the session, in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Regular online team meetings, which will be steered by the Senior Trainer.
  • The Study Session itself will take place from 2 – 7 March 2020 at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary.  Trainers are expected to arrive one day before (1st March) for a final preparation meeting. 
  • Selection criteria: A balance of regions and genders will be considered (among qualified applicants) 
  • ESU encourages trainers of all genders, ethnic backgrounds and other identities to apply in order to ensure a good representation of diversity. 

We cannot accept applications from those who are not available for the in-person preparation meetings or for the full duration of the Study Session.

????How to Apply?

In order to apply, you have to fill the online application form: 

  • Application Form for Junior Trainers is available here.
  • Application Form for Senior Trainers is available here

⚠️Deadline for applications:  21 October 2019 

The final selection will be communicated by the 30 October 2019 If you have any questions, queries or would like some more information, please contact Maria Sierra of the ESU Secretariat at

For more information, download the call here.


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