BM72: ESU calls on Belarusian authorities to abolish obligatory work placement for the graduates

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ESU calls on Belarusian authorities to abolish obligatory work placement for the graduates whose education is financed by the state

In May 2015, Belarus was accepted to the European Area of Higher Education. One of the conditions under which this decision was made, was to obligate Belarus to implement the reforms stated in the Bologna Road Map. One of the Road Map provision is until the end of 2016 to revise the system of forced two years employment obligations for graduates whose education is governmentally funded with the aim to limit this practice only to professions, which experience significant unmet demand in specialists.
This commitment was perceived as a promise to significantly restrict the practice of forced job placement and ensure the equal rights of graduates for state support in employment regardless of the fact who finance their education.

Unfortunately this provision was not complied with, until the end of 2016 the system of forced employed was not revised. Furthermore, in the current draft of the Code of Education obligatory forced employment is retained.

In the context of the labour market aggravation and the growing shortage of working places for graduates, the government does not take any steps to provide employment assistance to those who study on the fee basis; instead, it evokes cases of law violation by continuing usage of forced employment in situation of economic crisis.
European Student Union appeals to the Belarusian authorities with a request to fulfil the commitment undertaken on revision of graduate forced employment. In particular – to limit the practice of forced distribution of graduates based on the experience of European countries. Belarus should immediately stop violations of the human right to work and education.


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