BM 63 – ESU calls for continuing Higher Education Reform in Lithuania

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The European Students’ Union (ESU) calls upon ensuring the continuation of the Reform of Higher Education in Lithuania.

In 2009 a new Law on Science and Education has been adopted in Lithuania, where a full member of ESU – Lithuanian National Union of Students – was participating actively in promoting the reform, with the main goals of reform as establishing higher education open and transparent to the society by enhancing quality of higher education. The first years of reform were marked with the essential transformations of higher education in Lithuania – increase of student engagement into higher education governance as well into quality assurance. Financing of higher education has become more transparent and motivates higher education institutions to invest more into students.

In terms of past change of governing coalition in Lithuania after the Parliamentary Election of October 2012, ESU expresses will to observe a proper dialogue between all stakeholders and social partners when ensuring the continuation of the reform in Lithuania.


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