BM 62 – Support to Syrian’s movement for democracy and call for respect of human rights

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For more than one year, a social movement, part of what is known as “the Arab spring”, in favour of democratic transition is facing in Syria, a dreadful repression. ESU is supporting this movement, where students take a very important role. Like in Tunisia or in Egypt students want both social and democratic improvement, but the movement is now under the threat of Syrian government. ESU calls for the respect of Syrians’ Human rights.

The violent repression of Bachar Al Assad regime on the Syrian people and the numerous violations of human rights have been a great concern for the international community. Since the conflict started, the UN counted 11 000 dead people and thousands of prisoners and refugees have been taken into custody. Among the victims, Syrian students are no exception. Mechanical engineering students from the University of Aleppo expressed their hardship by filming and spreading a video in which they form an SOS with their bodies on 13 April 2012.

ESU takes this call for help very seriously and stresses out the key role of students in shaping today and tomorrow’s society., ESU thus calls for an increased role of students in the Syrian crisis and advocates for the participation of Students in the UN ceasefire Observers Mission in Syria launched on 15 April 2012 as a way of ensuring that the student body’s rights are being safe-guarded and represented.  Since the ceasefire announced on 12 April, there have been an estimated 200 victims. ESU strongly reminds the need for the protection and safety of Syrian civilians, including students and this can only be achieved through the respect of the ceasefire, especially in the city of Homs.

Thus, ESU calls for the Syrian government to respect thoroughly the ceasefire and protect its civilians, as well as to initiate dialogue with the opposition. It is necessary that students be included in the dialogue to resolve the crisis in order to participate and become active citizens and bring the positive changes that Syria urgently needs today.


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