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ESU at The Unesco Regional Consultation on Quality Assurance for Western Europe

The European Students’ Union (ESU) attended the UNESCO Regional Consultation on Quality Assurance for Western Europe held between 15 and 16 February 2018 in Geneva. The meeting was part of the consultation rounds organised across the world. The consultation event for Eastern Europe will take place in Moscow in April 2018.

UNESCO decided to organise two events in Europe: one for the Western part and the second one for Eastern Europe. All European countries are members of the European Higher Education Area, therefore drawing new lines in the continue within cooperation in education was a surprising fact for many participants.

UNESCO is going to define its own policy on education and thus, invited all stakeholders and representatives of ministries across Western Europe.  Discussions revolved around issues like students’ involvement in Quality Assurance and the role of Sustainable Development Goals in Quality Assurance -a very interesting approach, not entirely covered by Social Dimension. The discussions included also the challenges of digitalisation and internationalisation in Quality Assurance.

These Consultation meetings are going to result in developing UNESCO’s policy on Quality Assurance.

Another interesting activity UNESCO is working on now is the Global Recognition Convention which will aim to facilitate the recognition procedures between continents.

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