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[NEW PUBLICATION] Listen, Talk and Team-Up – Considerations for panel members in external quality assurance

Conversation, investigation and presentation skills are essential for value-added and open discussions in external quality assurance (EQA) and for further promoting trust in, and enhancement and development of the related evaluation procedures. In this regard, reflections on attitude and behaviour are of high importance as the QA reviewers are responsible for the impact of their review activities. The different stakeholders represented on each panel must bring their own points of view, based on experience and knowledge to bear on the evaluation procedures while building on the views and interests of their peers.

The following considerations are a collection of topics and reflections with regard to communication and beyond – from looking at why effective communication is relevant in QA reviews across the different roles and expectations of involved parties to practical tips for building an inclusive and appreciative environment in remote reviews. This project aims to provide QA reviewers with reflections that are applicable and useful for all involved stakeholder groups from all levels of experience.

These notes are intended to promote the creation of a fruitful and constructive working environment, with the full engagement of all parties involved – both within the external expert panel and between the panel and the institution under evaluation. They should provide you with an overview of the general communication during reviews, and can serve to establish a standardised approach to conducting the assessments in an online and offline format. Have a look and see which reflections and recommendations are useful for you.

Listen, Talk and Team-Up – Considerations for panel members in external quality assurance in PDF

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