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Globalisation & Higher Education

The Organisation for Economic Co – Operation and Development (OECD) has published a new paper: “Globalisation and Higher Education” (Education Working paper No. 8). This publication explores the issues for national policy and for individual institutions.

Part I provides an insight into globalisation and higher education and the global response of national systems and higher education institutions.

It further discusses the factors shaping policy, interpretations of globalisation, argues for a neutral approach to definitions, summarises the global strategic environment, and outlines the variations between national systems and the institutions in their experiences of globalisation. Furthermore, the OECD divides the meta-policy implications of globalisation into two distinct  areas: the partial disembedding of institutions from their national contexts, and the growing role of global public and private goods in education and research. The paper focuses on the national policy implications of globalisation in three parts of higher education: research-intensive universities, the cross-border markets in vocational degrees and non-university institutions.

Part II focuses on certain areas of policy with a strong multilateral dimension: Europeanisation, institutional rankings and typologies and cross-border mobility.

Cross-border issues in accreditation and quality assurance have been addressed separately in “Quality and Recognition in Higher Education: The Cross-border Challenge (OECD, 2004b)”

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