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Iranian students must be allowed the right to peaceful protest

Following recent developments in the aftermath of the Iranian presidential elections on June 12, ESU is deeply concerned about the situation for students in the country.

As active members of Iran’s opposition movement, reports indicate that students are bearing the brunt of government attempts to silence the mounting protests that continue in Teheran and other Iranian cities.

With peaceful protest as a fundamental human right, ESU strongly condemns the reported wave of attacks on student dormitories in several cities and the general clampdown on universities in an attempt to suppress opposition to the disputed election results.

’Students are a force for democracy and social progress. It is the responsibility of authorities to prevent violence against those who exercise their democratic right to freedom of expression,’ says ESU chairperson Ligia Deca.

ESU calls for the right of free speech and peaceful protest to be uphold by both government and civil society in Iran and hopes for a peaceful resolution to the current conflict.

’Silencing peaceful protest with threats and violence is unacceptable in any modern society. If Iran wants to have any credibility as a democratic state, it must listen to students’ concerns and not try to suppress them,’ adds Ms Deca.


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