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ANOSR’s Spring Priorities and Demands

  • Regarding recent evolution of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid spread in almost all European countries and the measures taken by Romanian authorities in order to protect the society, high school students, university students and youth representatives called on young people to take the situation very seriously and to act responsibly. The statement on the subject can be found here, together with the most important advice we offer the youth.
  • Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in several European countries, we urged the decision-makers to prioritize safety in all educational institutions, including universities. ANOSR’s demands also include clear measures for preventing the rapid spread of the virus, as depicted in the following statement.
  • Euro 200, a national program that aims to enhance IT&C competences of youth enrolled in primary, secondary or higher education, is yet ineffective and its provisions are insufficient to reach the objectivesThus, we request the Government to update the eligibility criteria for the program and to take into consideration our amendments, as stated here.
  • ANOSR has started the nominations period for Bologna Professor’s Gala, the only form of appreciation of teaching performances for university teachers. The event has reached its 13th edition and is the only one of this type in Romania – a prize given to teachers exclusively by students. To this purpose, ANOSR has conducted a series of regional training sessions for the Bologna assessors that would review the nominated teachers across the country for the next two months, based on a clear and transparent methodology. After the reviewing period is over, the winners will be notified to take part in the Gala itself, which will be held in Bucharest by the end of May. More details regarding the whole project and its outcomes can be found on our Facebook page.


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