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How do you imagine tomorrow’s world?

By taking part in our questionnaire, you have the chance to push the boundaries to imagine a world where your deepest concerns are heard. Your answers – which will remain completely confidential – will be analysed as part of a major sociological survey.

The goal: to give you a voice by asking you about the state of the world, now that everyone has understood the ecological emergency we’re in, now that it’s “Time to question” ourselves to make radical and necessary decisions.

One generation in particular – the 16 to 34 year-olds – has been driven by this urgency to act for several years now. It’s “Time to question” ourselves, to listen to them, to compare ourselves to them, to debate and even confront ourselves and each other. This 133-question survey is thus open to all.

In the end, the answers will enable a sociologist collective (Quantité Critique) to identify the values that emerge from this growing awareness, to highlight the convergent or divergent behaviours that can be drawn from them. Thanks to your participation, they will attempt to identify possible courses of action.

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