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ESU signs Memorandum of Understanding with EUSA

On 12th November 2016, the European Students’ Union (ESU) and the European University Sports Association (EUSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will enforce the common line of actions binding the two organisations.

The Memorandum was officially signed during the EUSA Executive Committee meeting in Serbian capital Belgrade by Presidents of both organisations, and is a result of common interests and goals.

The two governing bodies working for the benefits of students agreed on the main objectives to be achieved as the basis of this new partnership. ESU and EUSA will work together to strengthen general cooperation and partnership between the two organisations; work together in activities and projects promoting sport and physical activities in Europe and social responsibilities projects, with a special focus on higher education students; join forces on working in the European arena, supporting the policy makers and providing know‑how in the development of sport and higher education on a European level; exchange information and news using the organisations’ platforms for mutual external communication and promotion; maintain regular internal communication to stay informed and develop new ideas for project proposals; search for wider synergies and new opportunities arising from the cooperation; publicly acknowledge and promote the mutual cooperation.

Links between EUSA and ESU were established in 2012, and its representatives met on several occasions since then. ESU President Ms Lea Meister recently also attended EUSA events this past July – the Rector’s Conference and the European Universities Games, held in Croatian cities Zagreb and Rijeka.

Upon the signing of the memorandum, EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek commented: “We recognise ESU as an influential organisation caring for proper standards in higher education for students, encouraging fresh ideas by its professional support. Signing a memorandum with such a partner, we hope for fruitful cooperation in providing equal opportunities for students and fostering sport ideas among youth. With the competences and advocacy of ESU and EUSA, our cooperation on European level and encouraging cooperation between our members on national levels, I am convinced that together we can notably contribute to the prosperity of students’ community.”

Ms Lea Meister, ESU President added: “EUSA plays an important role in the European higher education, reaching out to a large number of students through sports. ESU is grateful to formalise our already begun cooperation, as not only it is important to have a strong students’ voice when speaking about sports for students, but also because sports play a central role in university life, for equal opportunities and student health.”

Among others, the organisations will work together also on the promotion of two significant international days especially relevant for students – the International Students’ Day on November 17 and International Day of University Sport on September 20.

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