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ANOSR Updates – Projects, campaigns and requests

  • The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) called for the promptness of establishing the concrete way of conducting the academic year so that students could adequately prepare for it, to guarantee to respect the safety of the university community and for equitable access to qualitative education.
  • 40 representatives of the Career Counseling and Guidance Centers (CCOC) from Romanian universities participated at the end of September in broad consultation with ANOSR on the preliminary results of the questionnaire launched by ANOSR on career counselling services and psychological counselling in universities. Starting from the problems signalled by the students through the form, the points of view regarding the financing of counselling and career guidance services, the impact of the centres, but also the strategies approached to increase the attractiveness of the services were discussed, for better solutions and recommendations. The conclusions of these consultations will be integrated, along with the results of the questionnaire, in a large-scale ANOSR study, aiming to increase access to appropriate counselling services for all students in Romania.


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