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ESU Reacts to Situation in Georgia



ESU is pleased of reports promising an end to the military conflict in Georgia’s Southern Ossetia region.  We call for immediate assistance to be provided to those civilians killed and affected by the conflict, in particular the many people displaced by the destruction of their homes and community services. ESU appeals to all parties to establish an environment in Georgia in which a peaceful democratic civil society may be possible.

ESU is particularly concerned by the plight of the many Georgian students involved in the conflict. ESU has been in close contact with its’ Georgian member, the Student League of Georgia, Reports are bleak.

Gori University Buildings on Fire
On August 12th, warplanes bombed the city of Gori. Following a long day of warfare, whereby  bombers targeted administrative buildings, it was reported that the university buildings were ablaze. ESU urges all parties to ensure that a solution and premises be found to avoid students being prevented from continuing their course of studies in Gori.

Students Drafted into the Army
ESU is concerned by the large number of students being drafted into the army. These students often have no choice, their lifes are in danger and most probable they will be forced to interrupt their studies in the next study year. They are in great danger. No students should have to forsake their lifes and studies in order to go to war, says Ligia Deca, chairperson of ESU

Studies Interrupted
Students not facing a lack of premises or an army draft are still in danger of not being able to resume or start their studies during the next academic year. In certain areas, public services are at a standstill, majority of public buildings including schools and universities are used for accommodation of refugees and ESU is concerned at the lack of information as to how and when this situation will be resolved. ESU urges those responsible to take a serious look at this and recognise that it is of paramount importance that the students  of Georgia may complete their studies in an environment as free as possible from disruption.

ESU has spent the last quarter of a century fighting for student rights and quality education for all.

For more information, please contact: Bea Uhart on +32 473 669 894, or


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