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ANOSR: Romanian students making their voices heard by voting

On December 11th, in Romania, the parliamentary elections for the next 4-year election cycle (2016-2020) took place. Political parties or a coalition will form a majority in the parliament and will propose and vote for a new Romanian Government. To that effect, the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) encouraged all students to exercise their voting rights for the parliamentary representatives by creating a national student mobilisation and information campaign.

ANOSR believes that voting has a great importance in our society. It is a fundamental right and every citizen should exercise it. The result of the parliamentary elections will directly influence the national future, hence the future of the Romanian students. Students have to decide for themselves and for their future and not let others decide for them. If we want to change our country for good, we believe that the first step consists in exercising our voting right.

Following the request from ANOSR, the Romanian Government adopted an emergency ordinance establishing the legal framework to facilitate free transport on Romanian railways for students and legal age pupils in order to exercise their right to vote at the parliamentary elections.

Thus, from 8 to 12 December, students and legal age pupils had the possibility to travel for free from the city where they study to their hometown and back so that they could vote.

ANOSR wants to make sure that in the next election cycle, education will legitimately be a national priority so it encourages students to participate in the voting process in larger numbers, to inform themselves about the candidates, elections and first of all –  to vote responsibly. ANOSR believes that the power to change Romania for the better is in the grip of students and youth.


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