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12th ENQA Training of Agency Reviewers -The Students Perspective

There is a slight difference between minding and acknowledging the importance of the student’s involvement in the sphere of Higher Education and truly assist and encourage the students to be fully involved. Not only providing practical opportunities for the students but also equipping them with the right skills, deep knowledge, wide networking ability and some role models.

The 12th ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) Training of Agency Reviewers in Madrid (Spain) met all those requirements. ESU’s Quality Assurance (QA) Pool had the opportunity to attend ENQA’s event hosted by The  Madrimasd Knowledge Foundation (FMID) and join the most advanced experts on QA.

During two intense days -31 May and 1 June 2018-, the members of the Pool received a complete training on QA from theory to practice; including workshops, discussions, roundtables and case studies among other activities. The participants extended their points of view as well as were inspired by different experts’ ideas and perspectives.  This method brings the opportunity to students to feel as equal partners for the discussion with experts, getting more involved in the Quality Assurance field and gaining more sense of responsibility.

Find out more about the training at ENQA’s website. Interested in Quality Assurance? Get to know more in our ‘Quality Assurance’ chapter from Bologna With Student Eyes 2018 publication.


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