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ANOSR: Romanian students ask Government to fulfil their commitments

The National Alliance of Student Organisation in Romania (ANOSR) warns the Romanian Government that they are not meeting the commitments made to students in the autumn of 2016, according to a detailed evaluation made by ANOSR.

Many of the engagements, initiated by ANOSR, are already outdated, although not even fulfiled. Today’s reality requires other budgetary adjustments; the method used to calculate the different funds allocated to higher education often does not take into consideration some elementary factors: reflecting both the economic fluctuations and Romania’s current socio-economic situation.

Although a few achievements have been accomplished, there has not been a significant increase in the quality of higher education, because the budget increased have improved only certain urgent issues. Taking into consideration the level of superficiality that does not tackle the most relevant problems of the Romanian educational system, students are wondering if education is really a priority for the Romanian government. :

When the actual ruling coalition came to power, they implemented a series of historical decisions such as an increase in the scholarship fund or the granting of free rail transport to all students. Unfortunately, education continues to suffer from being underfinanced. For instance, the number of accommodation places in university dorms is decreasing and do not meet the needs of students. We are calling for an improvement of public funding for our higher education system“.  Petrișor-Laurențiu ȚUCĂ, President of ANOSR


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