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Youth Sector Strategy 2030

The new Youth Sector Strategy 2030 will provide policy guidance and a broad political roadmap, or mission statement, for the period 2020-30, and will be the framework within which the next five biennial Youth for Democracy programmes will be implemented.

The Youth sector strategy 2030 was adopted by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers on 22 January 2020 and is to be found in Committee of Ministers’ Resolution (2020)2.

An accompanying background document introduces the Strategy, putting it into the context of young people’s lives and of youth policy.  In this document, you will find out more about the Council of Europe youth sector, as well as about the strategy’s visionmissionthematic priorities and expected outcomes.

This new strategy has been designed to be general enough so its policy orientations do not become quickly outdated, and to provide the framework within which the next five biennial programmes will be implemented.  It is based on the Council of Europe’s core values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

The strategy development process:

  • Built on previous achievements of the Council of Europe youth sector;
  • Sought continuity with Agenda 2020, learning from its shortcomings;
  • Took into account the broader mission of the Council of Europe and the track record of the Youth Department;
  • Considered the latest political context of the Council of Europe, the interests of its member states and traditional stakeholders, and the changing profile of the youth sector and its stakeholders;
  • Has been designed so that the Joint Council on Youth can periodically take stock of its implementation.

Check out the Youth Sector Strategy 2030.


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