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ESU training in Vienna: Students learn about Democratisation and Youth Participation

The “Training on Democratisation and Youth Participation in Civic Life” took place from the 26th to the 29th of September in Vienna, Austria. Organised by the European Students’ Union (ESU) with the support of the (ÖH -Österreichische Hochschüler innenschaft) and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Together with 20 participants coming from more than 10 different countries all over Europe, we explored diverse approaches to enhance active citizenship. Through the training provided at the Seminar, attendants fostered their understanding of existing online and offline tools for youth participation, as well as sharpened their communications skills.

They worked on improving their capacity to adapt messages and strategies to reach out to diverse audiences with their own specificities, in order to raise awareness and build capacities when it comes to promoting participation and democratic engagement.

Nowadays, more than ever we need to develop strategies to strengthen critical thinking and support young people when it comes to actively take part in society.

ESU contributes in doing so by carrying out these series of Seminars under the framework of the Council of Europe – Work Plan Project “Social Inclusion Through Participation and Democracy- promoting active citizenship in the European student movement.”

The main goal of this project is to enhance student participation in democratic life in European societies and develop skills on how to create inclusive and safe environments for participation.


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