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The Students’ perspective on Social Rights in Europe – Establishing European Social Rights’ Pillar

Education plays a crucial role in establishing fair, inclusive and just societies. The Pillar of Social Rights can greatly benefit welfare systems and social securities in Europe and be a driving force for further cohesion.

ESU welcomes the Commission’s Initiative to establish European Pillar of Social Rights that would be implemented in all Member States, not only limited to the Monetary union. ESU calls European Commission to include and cover in the European Pillar of Social Rights the following aspects:

  1. Ensure fair and free access to Education and Higher Education for all, encouraging all member states to prioritize investments in public Education and the abolishment of tuition fees;
  2. Ensure the inclusion of girls from the earliest stages of education to the highest possible levels, emphasizing the benefits of a society that equally represents all genders;
  3. Ensure and protect fair access to health care, housing, childcare and other basic services for all students;
  4. Ensure fair and equal conditions of participation in education for all students, no matter what their disability or illness, or discomfort are;
  5. Define what are the conditions for a fair, safe and healthy workplace including work based learning.

For the extended text on ESU’s view on Social Rights in Europe, please find the document here.


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