Tór Marni Weihe



Tór Marni Weihe is a political philosophy and Russian language and culture double major student at the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. Tór has been involved in the student movement for many years, rising from the grassroots to the presidency of the Faroese National Union of Students, MFS. Two of his top priorities have been internationalising higher education in the Faroe Islands and combating the brain drain.

Tór spends his spare time translating philosophical classics into Faroese, writing about applied ethics for the Faroese newspaper Dimmalaetting, and hosting a Faroese podcast on Russia.


Areas of responsibility: 

  • Internationalisation and Mobility,
  • Organisational Development and Capacity Building,
  • Public Responsibility, Governance and Financing of Higher Education (Sustainability, climate education and climate action & refugee students),
  • Ukraine.


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