Matteo Vespa



Matteo Vespa is the President of the European Students’ Union.

Matteo, a Sardinian, has been active in the organised student movement at the local, national, and European levels since 2016. From 2018 to 2020, he served as International Officer for UDU – Unione degli Universitari, Italy’s main student union.

As a member of the ESU Executive Committee, he worked extensively on academic freedom, Belarus, Next Generation EU, the Conference on the Future of Europe, global outreach and solidarity, the European Education Area and European Universities, brain drain, Erasmus+, Swiss-EU student mobility, Internationalisation at Home, and the proposal for a European level Students At Risk scholarship scheme.

Matteo graduated from the University of Bologna with a Master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences. In his book Europa e India: partiti a confronto (Edizioni Epoké, 2019), he examined the nature of European political parties in comparison to India.


Areas of responsibility:

  • European Education Area and European Universities,
  • Public Responsibility, Governance and Financing of Higher Education,
  • BFUG Working Group on Fundamental Values of the EHEA,
  • Students At Risk scholarship scheme,
  • Ukraine.




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