Lauren Pray


Lauren Pray


Lauren Pray is the Human Rights and Solidarity Coordinator of the European Students’ Union.

Lauren is originally from Prague, Czech Republic, where she is studying political science and where she also started her involvement in the student movement.

Formally a delegate at the Czech Union of Students (SKRVŠ), Lauren has campaigned for scholarships in educational systems for Czech students. Additionally, She held the position of Vice President in her local union, where she advocated for underrepresented groups.

Besides student representation, Lauren has worked for the British Embassy in Prague and volunteered at Amnesty international. She has also organised workshops and raised awareness about issues related to students in Ukraine, women in Iran, and other topics related to human rights.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Students’ Rights Charter
  • Public Responsibility
  • Social Dimension
  • Academic Freedom
  • Access to Higher Education for minority and refugee-students
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine


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