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Survey: Education Pack “All different – All equal”

In Europe and globally, we continue to suffer from the persistence or growth of racist hostility and intolerance towards minorities and foreigners; the necessity for intercultural youth work remains as important as ever. Combating all forms of discrimination is one of the Council of Europe’s priorities and a mission embedded in the programme of its youth sector.

The Education Pack “All different – All equal” was originally produced in 1995 as an educational resource for the European youth campaign against racism, antisemitism, xenophobia and intolerance. Soon after its publication, it became a reference work for those involved in intercultural education and training with young people across Europe and beyond.

Twenty-five years after it was originally produced, the Education Pack is still used by youth workers, trainers, teachers and other people actively involved in intercultural education. For the Council of Europe’s youth sector, it is important that the educational resources remain relevant, useful up to date.

The CoE has set up a survey to ask about your experience using the Education Pack “All different – All equal” and to hear your feedback. The survey can be accessed here. The survey is open until 18 June.


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