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STUPS: Call for sharing examples of innovative practices, Student Participation within the University life

Guide to New Student Participation Methodology

To bring together those best practices of proven efficiency in terms of promoting student participation that may be transferable to any higher education system. 

The European Students’ Union is seeking contributions from Students, National Unions of Students and University managers on innovative practices in encouraging student participation.


This activity is part of the implementation of the ‘Student Participation Without Borders’ Projects, financed by the Erasmus plus programme. 

This guide will include methodological, conceptual and relational resources of great use for university managers and student organizations.  The contents of the guide will address both the offline and online mode of participation. With special attention to the most innovative methodologies to guarantee an active inclusion. The guide will be available on the project website in four languages (Spanish, German, Portuguese and English).


An opportunity to convey successful methodologies to deal with the governance and inclusion challenges that higher education faces, from those institutions and systems that have generated them, towards other systems and institutions that do not they have come up with these solutions themselves.

How can you contribute?

We would like to invite you to share good practices for engaging student participation in Higher Education Institutions. If you are a student it may be that you have been the subject or promoter of those innovative practices in your faculty or it may be that within your university not that much has been done to promote student participation. If you are a teacher or a university manager, you might have many examples/methodologies/practices that could help other Universities to better engage students. 

If you don’t have an example, don’ worry, we would like also to hear some ideas from you. Reflect and try to put yourself in the shoes of the university managers! Let us know how you would promote student participation in all its dimensions (government and management, academic and quality and social, cultural and sports).

If you wish to share any innovative practice or an initiative that has proved to be successful and worth disseminating more widely, please send your messages via the form below not later than 26th of January 2021. You can answer the form several times. 

Submit an Innovative Practice

Should you have any doubt or enquiry do not hesitate to contact us at the same email. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the project or about the guideline we plan to develop with the input, luckily, of hundreds of Student leaders and University managers.

Download the PDF of the call on this link.


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