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Students support magistrates calling for judicial independence

The National Council of High School Students, the National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania (ANOSR) and the National Youth Council in Romania, declare their solidarity with the magistrates who are protesting against the latest legislative changes undermining their independence and affecting the confidence of the citizens in Romania’s judicial system.

Judicial independence is a fundamental component on which the rule of law is based, without it, the guarantees for a fair act of justice are seriously endangered.

The student movement of Romania urges the Government to repeal any provision which may affect the independence of justice, in accordance with the position of the magistrates’ professional organisations, considering the fact that their proposals have been validated in their General Assemblies in the territory by thousands of judges and prosecutors. The Government’s choice to ignore the opinion of the main actors of the justice system is completely defiant and denotes a tendency of autocratic governance.

In that regard, on 8th of March 2019, the representatives of pupils, students and youngsters from all over the country held a silent protest of solidarity with the magistrates in front of the Students’ Cultural House in Bucharest.


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